These parasites give their hosts a death wish

One of the creepiest topics in parasitology is that of parasites that alter the behavior of their hosts, essentially leading to suicidal behavior.


No, you don’t need a Keurig

Single cup coffee is incredibly easy with an inexpensive coffee filter holder.

Internet Resource Spotlight: standingoutinmyfield

If you love stunning nature photography, you'll love standingoutinmyfield.  The blog is written by a very good friend of mine who is also an ecologist.  A recent skype call with her actually got moderately derailed when I pulled up her blog and got distracted by pictures of her recent trip to Kenya.

Building an inexpensive low tunnel

This year we decided to experiment with building a low tunnel in our community garden plot. The design parameters were 1) something inexpensive and 2) something with components that could be easily stored in our apartment during the off-season.

5 Sustainability Resources Your Town Needs

My spouse and I just moved from Ithaca, NY to St. Paul, MN. I had known leading up to our move to Ithaca that it was a hippy Mecca, but we’ve been pleasantly surprised to learn about the forward-thinking resources in the Twin Cities.

Why Green World Hypothesis?

The name of this blog references a question asked by Hairston, Smith and Slobodkin in 1960. Why are there so many plants in the environment when there are also so many hungry herbivores?

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